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  • Brand: NORM Engineering
  • Sector: Construction, Landscaping, Mining, Agriculture



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Norm Engineering offer a range of brooms in various sizes for different applications ranging from construction to landscaping.

Easy adjust ability and a reversible bolt on cutting edge as standard places the Norm Engineering Broom ahead of the competition.

The low maintenance design is available as a 4-in-1 broom, open mouth broom and an enclosed broom.

The 4-in-1 broom has 3 x bolt on edges and an optional hood cover to enclose the broom. Enclosed brooms incorporate an easy change rubber skirt to further the life of your broom and they have an option of a gutter broom.

4-in-1 Broom Options: Hood cover & gutter broom.

Suited for:

  • mini loaders
  • skid steers
  • backhoes
  • telehandler style machines