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Rail turnout replacement and siding extension
  • By Inland Civil And Rail
  • September 26, 2019

Rail turnout replacement and siding extension

We supplied wet hire options for this project for installation of 3 new turnouts plus siding extension, supplying a watercart, IT loader and Hydrema dumpy.

John Holland CRN operates and maintains more than 5,000km of rail in regional NSW under a 10-year contract with Transport for NSW. The network connects passengers in regional NSW to regional and metropolitan centres and is a vital link for customers transporting freight, grain, cotton and resources to market. The network is made up of 2,470km of operational passenger and freight lines, and 3,127km of non-operational line. It also includes the maintenance of 1,137 level crossings, 1,039 property assets and 2,402 bridges.