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Product Information

  • Brand: CASE
  • Model: CASE 340B
  • Series: --
  • Year: 2022
  • VIN / SN: --
  • KM: --
  • Sector: Excavation



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Our Case Compact loader is the real workhorse in our fleet, with the option of numerous attachements and the weight and power to get in and get it done, its a must have for any Project work 


The most powerful radial-lift CTL in the CASE lineup, the TR340B is fast and efficient — ideal both for heavy earthmoving and fine grading. It’s also excellent for working with palletized materials (3,400-pound rated operating capacity at 50 percent tipping load) and is a strong and stable platform for attachment operation with optional high-flow (3,050 psi at 37.6 gpm) or enhanced high-flow (4,000 psi at 35 gpm) auxiliary hydraulics.


The 90-horsepower TR340B is a beast of a performer with excellent breakout force (8,700-pounds at the bucket) and torque, and a rated operating capacity (3,400 pounds) that makes it extremely popular in all earthmoving and material handling applications. The optional enhanced high-flow auxiliary hydraulics give owners even greater flexibility to operate more heavy-duty and productive attachments such as cold planers and mulchers.


  • Engine make / model -FPT F5B FL413 D*C001
  • Gross power – 90 hp
  • Total flow – 91.5  l/min
  • Peak Torque- 383 Nm
  • Rated operating load – 1542 kg
  • Tipping Load- 3084 kg
  • Operating weight – 4536 kg
Case 340B compact loader |Powerful compact loader with numerous attachments to make it a site workhorse.